We just wanted to make you aware that one year from now Microsoft will be end of life on all support for Windows 7 (all editions). This basically means there will be no more support/security updates so the OS will quickly become a security risk in your environment. Like all MS products, once its been end of life there will be a flood of exploits that show up that can compromise the computers still running this operating system.

Any computers in your environment will need to be upgraded to a newer OS (we recommend Windows 10), if the hardware it self does not support any newer OS then you may want to consider replacing it with new hardware. Below is a link that outlines Microsofts plan for when they end of life various OS’s. We understand this is 1 year away but its always good to begin planning as this can take some time to complete depending on how many computers you have and their usage.

If you have any questions or want us to review your systems and let you know how many computers need to be upgraded/replaced please let me know. Also please feel free to share this post with any of your colleagues/friends/family.