Nowadays, businesses rely much on communication to connect with their customers and peers alike.

Email is the standard when it comes to using technology and one of the most effective and fastest tools for communications. That is why it is important to have customized email based on your domain name.

For personal usage, it is ok to use free email account like emails accounts from google, outlook and yahoo. If you are a business entity, it is but proper to have email that is tagged and based on the branding of your business name. It also helps if you want to boost your credibility as a business and establish a long term relationship with the customers.

Maintain Professionalism on email

Putting your email based on your own domain name maintains professionalism. If for example your business is a baby clothing company, and you compare to use “” versus, it is more professional to use the latter as this is tied to your business name. Having email based on your domain helps the customers to see that you are a serious business. This also helps the customers to easily remember you as a business based on your custom email.

Your business is Legit

If a customer searches on the internet for a business and finds out that you have a website with your own domain name, they will trust you more and are motivated to pursue and communicate with you. Your customers is expecting you to have your own domain and website.

Marketing Perks

Having your own domain name will save you money as you don’t need to spend money for marketing, businesses cards and letterheads. The domain name will serve as your business card. With the correct keywords on your website, you can drive more traffic and leads to your website.

Business Flexibility

One of the most important reasons for having your email based on domain name is the flexibility it gives to your business. Even if you changed office address, your customers and clients will still find you as you have your own website with your domain. For some businesses which have different departments, you can have one custom email for each of the department, like sales@babyclothes for sales department, for accounting department and so forth. If you have several employees, you can also create specific emails based on their name. Customers and clients will easily know your employees are attached to your business and will build credibility on your branding over time.
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