Everybody now talks about using cloud technology and it seems this is now a trend nowadays. Most of the IT services now offer cloud technology and is very common term coined to the use of internet like for example saving files “in the cloud”.

In its basic term, cloud means accessing information like web files, databases, images and other forms of file types remotely over the internet on a different location from the user accessing it.

When you say cloud technology, it is a common term and involves various types of services. Basically there are three types of cloud technology. They are Software as a Service (SAAS), Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) and Platform as a Service(PaaS).

Software as a Service

This is the most common type of cloud technology. Sass utilizes software service from a third party vendor whose interface and data are accessible by the client locally. Mostly those applications are accessible just by using a browser and no need to have software installation on their computers. The likes of free emails like outlook and gmail incorporates some sort of SaaS as you are using browser, signing in and accessing email information and attachments right on your browser and you can access it on other location by just using your browser.

Since the software is installed in a system that is remotely located via the internet, vendors are free to update, modify and add features on their software without clients individually updating the software. There is only one version of the software and it updates all users at the same time.

Infrastructure as a Service

This type of cloud services are focused mainly on remote data center infrastructure such as storage, server and networking services. Iaas is a virtual data center. Most of the time, clients are able to lease the infrastructure based on their needs. They can upgrade anytime or can lease another instance of the infrastructure. Most of the uses of Iaas are hosting websites, virtual private server or storage solution.

Since vendor can install the operating system they want, it requires more technical expertise to manage it. This is the type of cloud solution that will involve more technical expertise as compared to the SaaS from the vendor’s perspective. This is geared towards an enterprise or company that needs a  custom application, website or storage solutions with their own technical people managing and maintaining the Iaas cloud service.

Platform as a Service

Of the three types of cloud technology, PaaS is the hardest in terms of technical expertise. It is a combination of Iaas plus additional features like development tools and business tools and is considered the complete development and deployment cloud environment.

As a client, you manage applications to services you develop while the cloud service provider normally manages everything else.

Advantages of using Cloud Techonology

In either of the three types of cloud technology, benefits and advantages are huge as compared to not using the technology.

You can scale anytime with just few clicks

This advantage is considered the most notable in terms of scaling up your software or platform. Once you have a need to upgrade your hardware like memory, cpu and disk space, upgrades can be done just by few clicks. This upgrades are perfect timing if you encounter heavy usage of your software or platform and there is an immediate need to it.

No need to take care of hardware

As you are paying the services for cloud technology, it removes hardware expenses since IT service providers will take care of the hardware for you. Most of the cloud providers will have a 9.99% availability and a 24/7 hotline. They have also some form of backup/fail-over mechanism included on their redundant IT resources and downtime can easily be recovered if a server fails.

Cost is less

For cloud services, you only pay what you need. This is specially true if initially you need small amount of resources on the start of the project. Once your software or platform scales up, you can just upgrade and add more resources. This tremendously saves you cost of putting up big hardware resources on the start just to cater for the scaling up in the end.

Another cost advantage using cloud technology is hiring more technical people specially if you scale up your software or platform. You don’t need to do that specially on Saas as the hardware maintenance is done by the IT Service provider.

You are secured

IT service providers equip themselves with data centers that are safe and ensure a top level security. They use encryption and sophisticated tools in detecting and blocking fraud. Your data is backed up and easily recovered.

If your company requires either Sass, Iaas or PaaS, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will discuss your requirements as soon as possible.