If you get an email claiming to be from Microsoft about a Windows update, don’t open it. Microsoft pushes Windows updates ONLY through its operating system and never through emails.

Targeted users first receive an email with either the subject line ‘Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now!’ or ‘Critical Microsoft Windows Update!’ The email itself contains just one line of text which reads: “Please install the latest critical update from Microsoft attached to this email.” While the fake update attachment has “.jpg” file extension, it is actually not a picture but instead is an executable file. Do not open or click any of the attachments in the e-mail or your PC will be infected!

If you receive such an email, here are the steps you should take:

1) Delete the E-Mail Right Away
2) Make sure you have up to date anti-virus, anti-malware & anti-ransomware then run a full scan of your computer to be sure you are safe.
3) Take a moment to let your colleagues, friends and family know about this new exploit.

You can find more details about this phishing scam at various websites, but here is an article we recommend: Tom’s Hardware

If you have already opened the e-mail or know someone who has let us know today and we can help you. As always we are here for any of your IT needs – support@cqbits.com