In today’s day and age, malware is a common sight to see in our devices. These infections can cause thousands or even millions of dollars worth in damages and extortions that it’s worth investing in a great antivirus. But what happens when you upload your documents to the cloud? “Am I protected?” You may ask yourself. Keep reading to find out!

Malware and The Internet

The internet is a wide and vast space that encompasses the lives of almost everyone on the planet. From the bustling city of New York to the deserts of Arizona, you can expect someone to be on their phone or pc browsing the internet. Many of these people will be connected for leisure but those who have seen its strength in connecting people across the globe will be using it for business. 

Creating a business online has never been easier with the ability to sell to people across the globe. Storing data is easy as well, simply type in your report and save it on your pc. However, there will always be people who will try to take advantage of the weaknesses of your security. As with every business money is at stake and malware was made specifically to steal from and extort you. Malware like this can come in several forms with the most common being trojans, worms, viruses, and ransomware.


These sneaky little pieces of malware, like their origin: the Trojan Horse, will hide and masquerade as another file. They activate when you open the file and are generally harmless unless you open it. However, they use very convincing tricks to have a user click on them. These include anything from as simple as saying your system is infected by malware and the trojan masquerades as an antivirus that will remove the fake virus, to as ridiculous as a Nigerian prince saying you’ve won a million dollars and all you need to do is to open the file you received.


Viruses are deadly in that they infect other files in a user’s system. They attach to this file and the virus executes its code when the infected file is used. These are extremely difficult to clean up as they can infect system-critical files and might corrupt your entire system. Luckily viruses need your input to work, unlike the next malware.


If you think viruses are bad, then you haven’t seen a worm. These can be considered super viruses as they don’t need a user to activate them to function. They spread like wildfire using other infected hosts to spread. It can easily destroy an entire system in a few moments. Even mega corporations can fall victim to worms and can easily have their entire system or database wiped or even stolen within a few minutes.  


Ransomware is a sinister type of malware. This type of malware will lock your computer and hold your data hostage. Most of the time there’s a time limit to the hostage-taking and when the ransom isn’t paid on time, you can say goodbye to your data. Some have even been known to fry your motherboard so there’s no recovering from a ransomware attack.

Luckily for businesses of all sizes, there is a more powerful system to help safeguard your data from these modern-day cyber nightmares: Cloud Storage 

This is Where Cloud Comes in

Cloud storage is an emerging trend among businesses growing on the internet. One solution is CQC (Computer Quest Cloud) by Computer Quest, this modern-day marvel helps you keep your data secure in a location that many cybercriminals will never crack. Think of it as the Fort Knox of the internet, with the cyber firm hosting your data as your security. If you don’t need your files on the go but want to make sure they are protected then maybe our CQB (Computer Quest Backup) is a better solution for you. 

Early Detection

Most cloud storages like Computer Quest have an early detection system that makes sure that infected files are isolated as soon as they hit the servers. This makes sure that your files that aren’t infected stay uninfected. You’ll even get a warning about an infection on the file you uploaded.

Built-in Antivirus

Antiviruses are programs that run in the background on most of our PCs. Sometimes we even forget that they exist on our PCs until they remind us to run a scan or tell us an update is needed. However, they can be considered our silent protectors when it comes to keeping our PCs secured. Cloud storage also has built-in antiviruses, but on a much larger scale. The antivirus of most cloud storage providers can easily go toe to toe with even the nastiest of malware and keep your data secure.

A Secure Place To Backup Your Files

Your PC’s common antivirus can easily crack under the pressure of all the malware it will be facing. This means that your PC is always at risk of infection. Luckily you can safely backup all your important files on the Cloud and can always recover from a particularly nasty infection on your local PC. 

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